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A four hour one-off workshop, recently held at the Green Community in Dubai

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Made from silver, copper and 9ct yellow gold, this pendant was based upon the skyline of a town at night. An inscription around the outside of the silver frame reads ‘the night has a thousand eyes’. It is the first of a series which combine quotes and images, which will then be produced as multi-media pendants and rings.
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Unisex leather wrist band with silver plate which can be engraved with words of your own choice

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Chrome screw fittings are used to secure the engraved silver plate to your leather wrist band

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A chrome buckle is used to fasten the wrist band underneath

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Silver wire earrings, with beaten detail used to distort the shape

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A 25fils coin from the UAE was used to add detail to these earrings, suspended on a silver chain

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Fine 9ct yellow, polished square wire in two contrasting finishes

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A selection of satin silver bangles, with added detail in 9ct polished yellow gold wire

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9ct yellow gold was added to the bottom of these silver wire earrings

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A selection of silver rings which are fused together and polished

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Acrylic rings with a 'dot' of polished silver inlaid detail

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The side view of the acrylic rings to show the effect of the different colour combinations. Contact me to order

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Acrylic rings which can be unscrewed to mix different colours together. Contact me to order

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A selection of silver rings which are fused together and polished

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Czech glass from Prague, set into a folded polished brass setting

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A large 'pebble' was used as the insert for this brass ring, which uses a cabochon setting

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A dirham coin mounted into a silver mount as a pendant. Commissions taken for other coins and also as rings

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A simple heart pendant, highly polished and then curved. Other shapes and personal designs available to order

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A large polished silver pendant which then has a beaten texture applied. Available in various shapes and sizes

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Hand painted tiles from Iran are used to add colour to these brass rings. Several designs available. Also in silver

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Tile rings which feature hand-painted ceramics set into silver or brass. Available to order

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Tile rings shown from the plan view to illustrate colours available. Please contact me to order

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An elegant gold and silver wire ring, offset at the join. Other designs available

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A silver ring with a blackened and reticulated surface applied. Can be made to order

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Red glass set into a wire setting. Available in other glass designs. Contact me for more details

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Square 9ct yellow gold earrings. Available to order, also in silver

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A beaten, inverted silver pendant hung on a silver wire. Other designs available as commissions

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A 21st birthday key to be used as a pendant on a long chain. Can also be made as a charm